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The perfect wedding venue creates the backdrop for unforgettable wedding receptions. Plan your wedding reception from start to finish with the Dixie Schoolhouse as your venue. The Dixie Schoolhouse has hosted many weddings and is the right place for you.  We provide catering and can answer many questions concerning your wedding needs.  Let us fulfill the most important part of your wedding by providing you with a beautiful place to have your wedding of your dreams.  We offer cheap rates and can work with your budget.  Let us take on the hard work and allow you to have a wonderful and relaxing time at your wedding.

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The Dixie Schoolhouse is a prime location for a great film shoot.  With its rustic look and its historical appearance, this location will make anything look great and unique.  A great backdrop for many different sets and has been a host of many film shoots in its history.  This is a great place to make your film stand out against your competition.  Or if you just want to shoot a great video that portrays history this is a perfect setting for you.

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Come take a tour that will bring you back in time.  Learn about the Dixie Schoolhouse and how life was back over 100 years ago.  Bring your kids, family members, relatives, and cousins to share this great experience with them by showing them a little bit about their past.  We have tours every SUNDAY to inform you about the great stories that go along with this amazing schoolhouse.  Come ask questions and share the fun. 

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In addition to hosting weddings and film shoots we also provide catering services.  Our fantastic venue is a great place to have both your wedding and provide them with some fantastic food.  Get two things done at one place.  We have a great variety of menu options and can find something for everyone.  We hope to see you here and will provide you with the best care concerning your events in what ever they may be.  Feel free to contact us with any questions and we will try and work with any budget. 

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classroom Host a Meeting

The perfect place to hold a meeting.  We have plenty of seating room and it is a great relaxing setting.  Easy to find and we can even cater it for you.  So plan your next meeting here and make it an enjoyable and exciting meeting for all your guests.

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DSC 9502Field TripForty-five minute presentation to include:

   A typical school day in the early 1900’s.  The history of the building, its furnishings, and the early area settlers.   A presentation using early readers and other hands-on activities

We can accommodate a maximum of 24 students per session; accommodations for larger classes can be made.


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Dixie Schoolhouse Regulations for Building Use

1. Application for use of school buildings, grounds or equipment shall be made on the Field Trip Application.

2. Cancellation by either the user or agency representative must be made on a minimum 48 hour notice basis or a minimum service fee may be charged.

3. Building, grounds and equipment shall not be used for private or individual gain.

4. Persons or organizations using the facilities shall agree to be responsible for the proper use and care of the property and be liable for any damage.

5. Use of building, grounds and equipment is renewable and revocable. Revocation may take place at any time during the calendar year.

6. Use of grounds and facilities involving animals shall not be permitted.

7. All federal, state and local laws are in effect, including fire regulations.

8. A certificate of liability insurance may be requested from any user.

9. All equipment must remain on the premises.

10. A use permit may be cancelled should either of the following conditions exist:

a. Lack of qualified and sufficient supervision at any function;

b. Violation of any of the rules or regulations set forth above.

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