Appendix C

In the Marin County Superintendent’s Office is a registry showing the names of the school trustees of the different districts. The title is: Office of Superintendent of Common School for Marin County.

On Page 3, July 8, 1868, it records “Dixie” but no trustees are listed.

On Page 11 is recorded: “Dixie S.D.  -  Trustees 1869, James Miller”

On Page 27 is recorded: “Dixie School Dist. Trustees  -  1870,
James Mulloney, appointed April 18, 1871
Hans Petersen, elected April 1871 for 3 years.
Wm. T. Duncan appointed July, 1874 for 1 year.
John Lucas elected June, 1874 for 3 years.
H. Peterson elected June, 1874 for 2 years.
Peter Moran elected June, 1875 for 3 years.
H. Peterson elected June, 1876 for 3 years.
John Lucas elected June 30, 1877 for 3 years.” 

On Page 55 is recorded: “Trustees, July 1, 1878
Dixie    H. Peterson    E.     One year
John Lucas     E.             Two years
P. Moran     E.             Three years

July 1, 1879
Dennis Cronan - E. Three years
P. Moran - E. Two years
John Lucas - E. One year
(Clerk) San Rafael

July 1, 1880
Dennis Cronan E.             Two years
Resigned July 15
P. Moran     E.             One year
John Lucas      Ap.             One year
James Miller     Ap.             One year

July 1, 1881
James Miller     E.             One year
B.T. Miller    E.             Three years
John Lucas     E.             Two years

July 1, 1882
B.T. Miller     E.             Two years
(Clerk)                 San Rafael 
John Lucas     E.             One year
James Miller     E.             Three years

July 1883
B.T. Miller    E.              One year
(Clerk)                 San Rafael
James Miller     E.             Two years
John Lucas     E.             Three years

July 1884
B.G. Miller E.             Three years
San Rafael
James Miller E.             One year
John Lucas     E.             Two years

In 1936, there were two entries about eighth grade graduates:

  • Diplomas 1936- June 19

    • Vivian Isabel Silva

    • Anthony Silveira

  • Graduates 1936-  January 11

    • George Silveira

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