The Dixie Schoolhouse Foundation

In 1971 a decision had to be made by the Administration and the School Board of Trustees concerning the fate and future of the schoolhouse.  Because the space it occupied was required by the District for district maintenance facilities, the schoolhouse would either have to be moved to another location or destroyed.  There was strong support from employees of the District and members of the community to preserve this valuable historical monument, and the School Board unanimously agreed that it be transferred to another site in the district.  The present site is located on what was originally part of the Miller Ranch and approximately one-half mile from its original location.

In January 1972 the Dixie Schoolhouse Foundation was formed and incorporated as a tax-free, non-profit organization.  In June, 1972, the America The Beautiful Fund approved a “seed grant” of $500 for community involvement in the restoring of the Dixie Schoolhouse.  In December, 1972, the Dixie Schoolhouse was placed on the National Register of Historic Places as a historical landmark.  Membership drives and a number of fund-raising events such as a rummage sale, theatre party, and bay cruise, helped the Foundation to make great strides toward total restoration, including a new roof, interior restoration of schoolroom, and the purchase of artifacts reflecting the turn of the century.

The purpose of this restoration project was to return something of historical and architectural significance to current community use - not simply a museum but a viable center for various activities.

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